How To Prepare Your House For Sale?

how to prepare house for sale

How to sell a house?

How To Prepare Your House For Sale

Selling your house is stressful but the following few tips could make this process smooth and less stressful:

De-Clutter Your House

How to De-clutter a house

The idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff sounds attractive to many but it could overwhelm or make you anxious. As a matter of fact, the idea of de-cluttering should not need to be as painful as some make it out to be.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Cleaning your house is the most important thing to do before Listing your house for sale. If you are not able to clean the house yourself then you should hire the professional cleaning service. Make sure to dust the fireplace, windows, polish the appliances especially stainless steel appliances, bathrooms, floor tiles and kitchen countertop.

New Paint

house paint

New paint can give a fresh look to your house. Try to use a neutral color tone that allows the buyer to focus on the space of the room rather than the color of the room.

House Decor

Keep the house decor simple and get rid of the art collections that could be different than buyer’s taste. A classic landscape painting should be fine.


house lighting

Make sure all the windows curtains and blinds are open while showing the property. Invest some money to install bright light fixtures. The bright room looks bigger and more appealing to the prospective buyers.

Remove Personal Items

personal items in home

The potential buyers want to visualize themselves living in that home. Remove all personal photos in the house and artwork on the fridge.

Heavy Furniture

heavy home furniture

Get rid of extra heavy furniture because that makes your room look smaller. The less is better when it comes to selling your house. Give every room a purpose, such as Guest Room, Office etc. and furnish it accordingly.


Knowing what your home is worth is important information to have if you are thinking of selling your home.

The intuitive website provides quick and accurate market value to the homeowners. It is online service where the Sellers fill up property info to request Free Home Evaluation Report. Within 24-48 hours of submitting the request, a detailed Valuation Report containing info about the recent comparable house sold is provided to the homeowner.

With the help of this Report, the homeowner will be able to determine what your home might sell for if you decided to put it on the market. Just fill out the basic information about your property then a professional realtor will prepare a Free Online Home Evaluation for your home.