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Real estate calculators. Find out the monthly mortgage payments, Land Transfer Tax, CMHC Mortgage Insurance premium, Mortgage affordability, Closing Costs and more! Whether you are First Time home buyer or looking to refinance your current mortgage, this Mortgage Calculator provides comprehensive calculations. For the home buyers Land Transfer Tax is one of the major Closing cost. If you are living in Toronto then you will be subject to double Land Transfer tax. The Ontario Land Transfer Tax is paid by all the residents of Ontario whereas, the residents of Toronto have to pay additional Municipal Land Transfer Tax. logo

When shopping around for a mortgage you should pay close attention to the type of mortgages available. For example, there are two most popular types of mortgages offered by the lenders i.e Fixed Rate Mortgage and Variable Rate Mortgage.

A fixed-rate closed mortgage allows you to always know exactly what your mortgage payment will be, no matter how interest rates change. It also gives you the previlage to prepay up to 10% of your original mortgage amount annually. A Variable Mortgage gives you freedom from your mortgage faster with higher prepayment benefits that allow you to prepay up to 20% of your original mortgage amount annually. The option of converting into a fixed rate closed mortgage that we offer at the time of conversion with a term of 3 years or more at any time but fluctuating interest rates that could potentially be higher or lower over the term of your mortgage.

On this page you can find all real estate related calculators such is Mortgage Payments, Land Transfer Tax, CMHC Mortgage Insurance Calculator, New Home and Condos HST Calculator and Future Home Value Calculator.